Here you will find people that inspired me after the site was already up.  The first three continue to support and guide me.Tina Leanne Waugh, took my poetry and showcased it on her site, by which I am very honored, as her writings and the photography there are beautiful. Brandyz Custom Art Designs,  is by Brandy Hyland. I commissioned the "Two Balloons Together" graphics, and paid for it at a much lesser cost then I would have done with anyone else, but she gave me two more as a gift.  And Jeri...the CEO from Boomers International, how can I thank you for your support of my site?  Your site reaches out from so far to touch people and has given me great exposure.  I thank you not only for your continued support, but for what you endeavor to provide us boomers. There are three more people I want to is Kara B. White, who gave me the music to place to the opening poem, "Wishes Made", you turned a poem into a song.  You are extremely talented in both music and the world of the internet to create the midi on your own.  Your music resonates constantly in my mind and in my heart.  You are not listed here, as to date you do not have a web site, but only offered me the music if I wanted to use it.  Okay...Belladora..without you inspiration, long before I know that anyone could even possibly want to read my words....I was in love with yours.  If anyone can ever say they read WishesMade because of me, it is because of you.   I just want you to know that the duet you did with me meant alot to me, because my mentor finally found something she could place beside hers.     Wishes    
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Inspirations and Friends

Waterpoetry (very, very, beautiful poetry, photography, and links by Tina Leanne Waugh)  

Brandyz Custom Art Designs (need custom art and graphics for your site?  Check with Brandy!  You will find some of her work beside my poems making them come alive)

Boomers International(you will want to spend a lot of time here, and find yourself returning over and over)

Christine's Creations (an excellent site of poetry and more, I love this work)

Belladora's World of Art and Poetry (Bell's site inspired me to create my own, it is beautiful)

Joy Light Poetry Series (poetry of a beautiful writer and creative webmaster)

Poems for Your Pleasure (includes information on how to submit your poetry to a weekly news letter)

My Wonderful Garden (meet Annie, like Bell, a wonderful poet with a site that I envy)

Gloria's Heart Page (a site dedicated to the fact that love really can conquer obstacles)

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