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What's New and What's Hot
  This page is intended to keep those who return abreast of any new poetry that I have placed without having to dig though the entire site.  As well it will inform you of what is hot, meaning by the counter it is showing unusually high activity suggesting that just that particular page is being circulated.  I apologize to you for not having done this sooner.  I had no idea that this site would take off on it's on like it did.

Broken Wing (10/31/2000)
Teach Me To Dance (11/06/00)
A Package (12/06/00
Let's Touch Hands (12/12/00)
Wishes Poetry and Dedications (01/09/01)

Man In The Moon
Two Balloons Tied Together
Friend or Angel?
Missing's Kisses
Michael's Pennies
Innocence and Smiles
The End
Too Many Angels
Broken Wing

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