"Poetry should be seen in the eyes of romantics and felt in the hearts of those who read the words."
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Wishes Poetry and Dedications
Let's face it, my graphics are not as good as my writing, and in some cases that is saying very little.  However there are some sites that carry my poems with graphics that make the words come alive.  My poetry is on them either in requests for special writings or they stumbled onto my site and asked permission to display a poem.  In the case of Belladora, it is two duets between two friends.  The following links will take you to some very special Wishes poems.  I ask that you also take time to view their site while you are there.  If for any reason my poetry does not show up on the link, please tell me so I can remove it.  I really have no control over these, except to give permission to display.  I know there is more, but my favorite places are all over the place.  If I am missing your site please tell me.

Kisses All Over Your Face (written by request of a wonderful online friend, this is for a wonderful mother, and done for a friend who later, carried me through tears)

Brothers and Sisters (A beautiful duet with an outstanding poet, Belladora, written for her grandchildren.)

The End (Another duet with Belladora, but bring some tissue, if you do not cry, you need to be in Oz looking for a heart.)

For Dads (By request, from a talented poet in her own right, Whisper. A son of divorce writes his dad)

Horse Races In Heaven (A very dear friend of my mine went to Heaven, I could not tell him bye or how much I loved him, he was like a father to me.)

Tis Rough Seas (Already on my site, but a different match with beautiful graphics from someone who will melt your heart in her site.)

I Love You More Each Day (I am co-owner of this site, but only in the sense of passion.  My words are displayed here, but the hours spent to make them magical do not belong to me.  They belong to a very special person who rushed to my side, when I really just wanted to die.  She did not even know that, before you read the words that she is reading on this page.  If you ever have someone enter your life that makes you brave enough to be weak...latch on to them, you may need them someday.   So if you would like to see where Wishes new poetry goes...this is it. )    

A Package (This poem is on my site, but it was written by request of a friend of hers, for a single mother with a large family.  It is her offering to the person she loves a hope that he will understand that she comes as a package to him.)

Michael's Pennies (I do not know Michael or his mother, what I do know is someone gave me a site that moved me.  Suddenly I was bursting to write something, and the words flowed faster than I could type.  Do not read this poem without looking at the site it is linked to.  We all have angels watching over us, this is one of them.  Count your blessings and watch the pennies you will find after reading this.)  

There is one more special place coming up in Boomers International, I am going to hold back on my poetry displayed there for just a while. The programers have been given authority to create a site of poetry with Wishes as host.  When it is completed, it will be a site of love, poetry, and romantics from everywhere to share and discuss.    

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