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I Will Be With You Soon

Feeling so happy deep inside,
Knowing that I will be with you soon.
Smiles on my face that I cannot hide,
Thoughts dance in melody, of a happy tune.

The plane's wings will carry me straight to you,
Like those of the angel that insisted we meet.
Who could have ever guessed or knew,
How in us two halves together, a whole complete.

Remembering your eyes, your wonderful smile,
I wonder if you are as excited as me.
That we will be together again for a while,
To share our lives as it should be.

So I count the moments till the plane stops at the gate,
I still stay in wonder of my love for you.
Hoping it arrives early, but never late,
I want to have every moment anew.
WishesMade, copyright 06/21/2000

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