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The End
Belladora has been a friend of mine for a long only.  I knew her long before she knew I existed.  I would read her wonderful words and pass them to friends.  Well one day I wrote her, and I promised her that I was a poet, and asked her if she would do a duet with me.  She replied telling me that she would consider it, but of course not knowing me, she also asked that I provide my writing to her for consideration.  Imagine these days of cyber someone does not believe the words written on their screen, I had to qualify.

Well, I will shorten this story a little to tell you that my friend, my mentor, and my inspiration to have my own site, finally found a poem that she could write a duet to.  That only took about 8 months so it speaks for the caliber of what she does.

I will not display it here...I will ask,  just this once, that you go to her site through the attached link to see what I consider the most beautiful duet on her site...of course I am rather biased.  I really don't think you will ever find two hearts that have connected... miss, and say goodbye more tenderly than here.
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