The Inspiration of this poem, this is Mariah. No she is not my granddaughter, but her eyes and mind make me wish she was.
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Mariah's Stars On The Mountains
"Come see, there are stars on the mountain twinkling bright!"
Through a child's eyes, I begin to see that night.
House lights burning on the mountain sides near,
Gave the appearance of stars on the mountains, to a child so dear.
A way of seeing beauty, she did not question,
What it could be that caused the reflection.
Stars on the mountains ripped at my heart,
To know I saw life her way, at the start.
But life brings experience and distrust,
What once was beauty now turns to rust.
Stars on the mountains she motioned to me,
As my eyes opened wider once again I could see.
A way of seeing through a child's eyes.
A way of feeling whenever I cry.
An innocent child has returned to me once more,
To think of things in a way my feelings should pour.
A time of innocence forever in awe,
Of all God gave, through his eyes he saw.
Stars on the mountains, not simple house lights,
I begin to see again with a child's sight.
That all is what comes from deep inside.
No matter how much you may try to hide.
And now as I look each day anew,
My granddaughters words continue to ring true.
There are stars on the mountains each night as I rest.
For a child's eyes have left me so blessed,
To see beyond what visions it is I carry,
To feel the love that I tried to bury.
Thank-you my Lord, for my new start,
To see things given from the heart.
Thank-you for the blessings you have given me,
And thank-you for the granddaughter which helped me to see,
That there are truly stars on the mountains if I open my eyes.
They are not gone in morning sunrise,
Just resting in my heart all through the day,
At night they return to twinkle and lay.
WishesMade, copyright and all rights reserved 8/01/97
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