Graphic art created especially for this poem by Brandy Hyland.
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Friend or Angel?
Did you ever think that maybe I am more than a friend?
Have you ever thought of when I came into your life?
Just when times for you were at such an end,
And you found nothing but turmoil and strife.

Have you ever wondered why I step back,
When you are happy and need not my touch?
It is because in those times, your needing does lack,
Of the care, I provide to you, so much.

So know that I will be there, when you reach out.
Yet know also, your happiness is all I seek.
Your binds of pain, I will see you do without.
Your emotion is not for me to critique.

For I am your angel, whether you know it or not,
I come to you with love, as well as friendship.
Wake up someday you will see what you've got,
An angel who is a friend, this poem is your tip.
WishesMade, copyright 06/23/2000

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