Like A Star...
Like a star you wandered the night,
Others made wishes upon you.
As I lay sleeping till morning's light,
Waking happy without a clue.

Like a clown you made me smile
Not knowing it was all an act.
Never knowing that all the while
When makeup was off, your love I lacked.

Like an eclipse you came to me,
Made my life full, as you hid past pain.
But now it is time to set you free,
To do what you do once more again.

For I have felt your magic deep inside,
My love abounds to hold you near.
But you run out once more, with the tide,
Never saying I love you, words so dear.

I wish you the best that life can find,
I wish you happiness from within my heart.
But I have spent ever so much time,
And love returned, has yet to start.
WishesMade, Copyright 5/17/00
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Poetry of a Sad Heart

  Okay you came here.  That tells me one of three things:  1)  You are bored to death and have nothing better to do,  2) You like what you have seen so far and continued on, or  3)  You have a sad heart.

  I will only address number three here.  There is a risk in love.  You give to someone else the most sacred and vulnerable part of you, your heart.  You expect in return to receive their's equally.

  Sometimes that is not the way it happens, and the earlier you find that out, the better off you always will be, no matter how much the pain.  BUT.....

  Sometimes,  egos, prior experiences, and just life in general can push two people away that would have been perfect for each other.  They were slamming doors before the house was built.

Rule 1:  Never stay in an abusive realtionship...either physically or mentally.

Rule 2:  Never run from a last kiss because you felt it compromised your position.

Rule 3:  Apply rule 1 first, then apply rule 2.

The links to the poetry above express the pain of the loss of love.

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