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Till Hell's Last Burn
Patterns of love, in a once dim heart
Feeling again for more than myself
Knowing it was right from the very start
Surprised to understand all I had left

You come to me constantly, in my mind
Your smile, your touch, soothe my thoughts
Knowing how wonderful it was to find
What I did not know, I had ever sought

Time passes, it comes and goes
As life builds experience a long the way
Love happens, and begins to grow
Bared honesty is the piper you pay

With your heart, I feel so complete
You hold my promises in return
That I will love you till it stops its beat
And more in Heaven or till Hell's last burn

Take me gently, into your soul
Feel me reaching out to comfort you
Deep inside you must know
Love once old, is now anew

Share with me my happy times
Feel my laughter, given in place
Your tears I will dry as I find
Them start to stream on your face

For no love is perfect without two hearts
Who meld together, to become as one
Feelings do not change, when apart
Just as we have now become

I love you today, next sunrise more
I love you tonight, as the stars bless down
I loved you forever, and before
It was actually you, that my heart found
WishesMade, copyright 12/27/99

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