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Miles Between Them
Her face glows as she starts the day
Fresh makeup covers and hides
The dried tears from last eve that lay
No one would ever know she cried

Sparking eyes enhance her smile
She is beautiful for all to see
But her heart aches all the while
For the person who holds the key

He wakes in morn and thinks of her
Missing her deeply, he loves her so
Remembering her touch, his heart does stir
Through his day her memory will follow

He goes straight home every night
Her pictures are found most everywhere
His way of keeping her in sight
His way of saying how much he cares

Miles between them keep them apart
Their thoughts touch each other all day long
Love knows not distance between two hearts
When it is ripened slowly and became strong

She counts the days till he returns
He counts the hours till their lips meet again
Each visit together they continue to learn
That bruised hearts can once again mend

Something special was brought to be
Two hearts touched and would not let go
Two people found their destiny
In each other.... for all to know
WishesMade, copyright 12/18/99

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